An Overview of ERN Token

Even though cryptocurrencies are quite popular around the world, many people are still unaware of the value of the emerging non-fungible tokens or NFTs. With the rising popularity of bitcoins, many people are interested in collecting bitcoins to make money. Collecting bitcoins is not difficult anymore as PayPal allows you to purchase bitcoins easily. Check the bitcoin kaufen mit paypal blog to find out how to buy bitcoins with PayPal. This NFT industry has shown steep growth in recent times. With celebrity collaborations and endorsements from popular sports teams, there is a big development in the NFT market. NFT marketplaces are increasing along with the number of digital artists. For helping digital artists for developing limited editions of the NFT lines, Ethernity Chain creates a community-centric platform. It combines the Authenticated NFTs or ANFTs and DeFi in forming a new hybrid service to crypto. This platform will be participating in various community incentives. The lottery is one among them, which is a top attraction for the platform. Ethernity Chain platform is powered by Ethernity Chain token or ERN. It helps artists to share a part of their profits for charity. 

The launch of the project was a memorable one. Bruce Buffer, the popular UFC announcer, launched the countdown along with announcing the offering of Authenticated NFT or ANFT, which is his own venture. 

What is Ethernity Chain?

There are many tokens in the non-fungible token or NFT industry. The number of scams and fake accounts in the marketplace is also not less. Therefore, buyers find it difficult to find an authentic token to purchase. But through crypto presales, they can find authorized tokens at a lower price and potentially sell them for a profit. It is also difficult for the new NFT art creators to display their talents. This issue has been a hindrance to the wide acceptance for NFTs. 

Ethernity Chain is considered to be a platform based on blockchain to create Authenticated non-fungible tokens or ANFTs. It was introduced by Nick Rose, who is a well-known crypto veteran. The platform aims at the innovation of NFTs and digital art. Ethernity Chain helps in the accurate calculation of the price of these digital collectibles. It uses NFTs to promote social welfare and to find opportunities in the field of philanthropy. 

Ethernity Chain helps users to buy digital artworks and artifacts, traded and tokenized on the networks of blockchain. It will be an advantage for the industries like music, gaming, real estate, and sports. But the scope of NFTs is unmatched. Ethernity Chain advocates this through Authenticated non-fungible tokens or ANFTs.

The emerging ecosystem of Ethernity Chain is closely associated with crypto influencers and popular artists, who share the goal of the wide mainstream adoption of NFTs along with the support for charity programs. Ethernity Chain allows its artists to donate a part of their earnings through NFT sales for charity. 

What is Ethernity Chain Token (ERN)?

Ethernity Chain Token (ERN) is built on Ethereum and is used to offer liquidity to the ERN pools. They help participants in farming distinctive Authenticated non-fungible tokens or ANFTs that are easy to trade like cryptocurrencies. These tokens are also used in governance, allowing the token holders to participate in the voting to bring changes to the platform. The token plays an important role in the community-centric mindset of the project and assists in bringing a decentralization aspect to the project.

A part of every ANFT sale that happens on the Ethernity Chain platform will go to charity. With the development of the platform, the potential and usage of the Ethernity Chain token will rise. The combination of DeFi functionality and NFTs is a new concept that crypto users are interested to explore.